Jean Niel is very pleased to announce its brand new partnership with the American Company “The Ingredient House”, a highly regarded supplier of a select group of ingredients for the food and beverage industry working with manufacturers located within Europe, Asia and North & South America. The Jean Niel American subsidiary and The Ingredient House now offer a local and reliable flavors supply chain within the USA thanks to the combination of their respective capabilities: the JN operation in Florida housing state-of-the-art labs that are BRC certified and the rich and valuable customers network of TIH within USA and abroad.

Marie-Christine Voynnet, General Manager of Jean Niel’s Flavors Division is very confident of the success of this association with TIH who is a strategic supplier of ingredients to ten of the top twenty food and beverage manufacturers in the USA. “We shall do our best to continually find innovative ways to capture and release nature’s very best tastes to support TIH’s efforts to strategically and sustainably develop our presence within the American region.” “We are excited to be partnering with Jean Niel,” says Peter Brown, TIH Vice President Marketing & New Business Development.

“Jean Niel has a rich heritage coupled with true innovation and that is a unique combination. Their flavors are more than ingredients, and provide a true signature to the products they are used in,” concluded Peter Brown. As a kickoff to their new partnership, the companies have chosen the highly anticipated trade show IFT that will take place in Las Vegas from June 26 to 28, 2017. Jean Niel will be present at The Ingredient House’s booth (4057). Please stop by to taste our fantastic new natural flavors range for food and beverages.