Elevating Senses

Fueled by passion, we strive to provide you with ingredients, balanced in performance and emotion, to conveys powerful emotional and unprecedented signatures to the consumers to enhance their experience and fulfill their desire.


In a continual quest to provide the best, we cater fine and functional fragrances with the utmost innovation, and performance to bring the most memorable moments to perfuming, caring, and cleaning. Due to our advanced approach and our devotion to the realms of scents, our customers’ products impart maximum consumer appeal.

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At Danoub, we seek and supply market-leading flavorings to make food and drink experiences taste great and become the optimal choice for consumers. Our comprehensive portfolio of flavor solutions is considered to be one of the most technically advanced, catering to a wide range of applications; Sweets, Bakery, Beverages, Savory, Dairy, etc.

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We offer groundbreaking library to choose your desired colorings in food, health, and beauty sectors. Our specially tailored approach to supply colorings, bring your particular color of the highest quality with required stability and performance to life. We thrive to make sure our customers are satisfied and get the unique shades they need.

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Insatiable Appetite to Explore


Tastes, Scents, and Sights are infinite. Thus we, constantly, seek to discover and supply the best solutions. Through years we have crafted a broad palette of high-quality, and authentic ingredients, tailored to local perception. Our current portfolio is a combination of classic solutions based upon decades of experience, and prominent ingredients ranging from recent, innovative creations of our partners.

Moreover, with our partner’s support, we supply authentic essence and aromas, specifically tailored to the needs of our customers, customized based upon their formulations, applications, preferences, budgets, requested functions, etc.

By combining creativity, passion and our high level of market knowledge, we are dedicated to help our clients to transform their product into a work of modern craftsmanship to appeal and designed to match consumers’ most demanding requests.

Artisan to Perfection

By meticulously selecting the most exceptional, Danoub passionately seeks the best, in order to offer exceptional quality for flavoring, fragrance and colorings. We strive to provide our partners distinctive products of the highest quality.
Our vast experience in this sphere, cater us the consumer insight needed to merge the essence of local cultures into our creations; to co-create visionary products; to become tomorrow’s classics.