Art of Scent

We supply fragrances at the highest levels of creativity, and performance to create the most memorable moments to caring, cleaning and perfuming. We put great emphasis on providing the best service and maintaining our premium approach.

The purpuse


Passion for Scent

Scents are what connect emotions to occasions, making meaningful life milestones, and bring pleasure to everyday life. Therefore, creating a timeless scent requires a perfect balance of creativity, technical innovation, expertise, comprehensive market knowledge, and team work.

We aspire to supply fragrances helping you to create products that birth to positive and lasting emotions through the sense of smell whether for Body care products with scent and technology to keep your hair and body smell fresh and clean; Fine fragrances; and home products.

Fine fragrance is the creation of an authentic and favored fragrance as well as crafting an olfactory intensity to obtain the perfect scent and balance to create a real signature for the final product. In the dynamic realm of fine fragrances, where experience coupled with creativity set new standards, all the specialists in our team have the task and the privilege to help clients create products to shine through the market.

We collaborated closely with our customers to accommodate your every request and to understand, interpret and create your desires and dreams, to perfection. We continuously monitor market trends within our industry and provide proactive support through our well specialized sensorial panels. Olfactory characterization implemented in our sensory panels covers every predetermined whether persistency, radiance and bloom and consistency with the project’s technical requirements to ensure the creation of unique fragrances for unique moments.

As the marketplace becomes increasingly competitive it is more important than ever before to create a lasting bond between a consumer and a brand. Scents are carefully tailored according to our vast market knowledge, latest trends, innovations, and respect to clients’ demands to contribute to the success of their products. Our approach to rely on consumer feedback and sensory panel evaluation from the first development stages, delight consumers with exceptional performance and make our customers’ brands desirable.

Consumer purchase decision toward home care products depends not only on sanitation effect but also on the fragrance as it enhances their routines. Hence, the objective of a home care fragrances is to provide a favorable sensorial experience along with high performance during and after usage and persistency of the scent within given cost constraints. From fabric detergents to candles, floor polish to air fresheners, dishwashing to laundry products, our customers can count on us when renewing a product line or expanding a product range by introducing new fragrances.

The desire for the long-lasting aroma could not be extended to all consumer product categories. Many of daily applications of home or body care categories don’t need fragrance with such durability. Hence, concentrated fragrances is not a master key to all consumer need.

For instance, the preference in shampoos and conditioners are mainly a perception of comfort and cleanliness and not intense fragrance. Thus, a challenge for manufacturers is to find a distinctive olfactive signature while optimizing the scent for the desired performance. In body care products scents must be in perfect harmony with a product’s unique characteristics and given the wide number of applications, a formulated compound must be stable, compatible with the skin and environmentally sustainable. Our solutions for body care enhance daily experiences while using skin cleansing, hair care, and skincare products.

Creativity and technical control are the foundation of cosmetic developments. As consumers expect new sensations, this sector constantly reinvents itself, with a pronounced taste for novelty. Our team are constantly seeking all innovations and new practices, and thus imagine new modes of consumption. Moreover, developing a cosmetic fragrance, it is critical to comply with the ever-expanding local regulatory guidelines for health and safety. Danoub, offers a wide spectrum of products for cosmetic fragrances for face care, sun care, make-up, etc.

To differentiate and offer prominent products, brands have a vital necessity for uniqueness. A unique aroma guarantees that they will be recognizable in the midst of overcrowded offerings; their image will be reinforced and they will be remembered for an extended period of time. Danoub brings novel solutions to create iconic fragrances, which have a unique signature and stand out in terms of their consumer preference.

Scent shapes our life. As individual aromatic molecules interact with the nose olfactory receptors, a human’s instincts are awakened. They carry us away through our memory and highlight our emotions. By interpreting the nuances of the olfactory receptor code, we can understand more precisely which compositions result in positive emotions. We apply our expertise to foster joyful moments for consumers.


As a locally-focused team, we have an in-depth understanding of the regional consumer, which helps our customers craft iconic products to evoke a profound sensorial experience that arouses their consumers’ positive emotions to the fullest.
Together with our carefully selected partners around the world, who create for the world’s most well-known brands, we deliver fragrances that enhance products’ longevity, bloom and malodor counteraction for a broad range from perfumes to detergent and household goods.

Payan Bertrand


Founded in 1854, Payan Bertrand, an independent and family-owned French company, with creative alchemy and high technology, passionately explores the best from nature, to offer unique olfactory terrains and develops the highest-quality natural ingredients, exceptional fragrances, and innovative molecules which are consistently used and appreciated by all the major companies in the global flavor and fragrance industry.

The company’s long-term strategy is to harmoniously develop the production of natural ingredients along with fragrance compounds by increasing production capabilities, the permanent modernization of equipment and tools, and the excellence of methods. Payan Bertrand has built up an extensive network of highly-experienced partners and representatives, to provide the closest service to clients. Today, as a well-recognized producer, it is present in more than 60 countries.

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Established in the 90’s, chemarome, a private barcelonian chemical company, is well specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of unique fragrance compositions for fine fragrances, personal care, home and air care.
With immense consideration of latest trends and innovations, scents are carefully created to contribute to the success of our clients’ products

Chemarome fully develops & manufactures in Barcelona, Bangkok, Jakarta, Curitiba and Ningbo for a closer and faster delivery to any location worldwide. Additionally, they provide regional support with labs in Indonesia, Vietnam, Nigeria, China, and Sri Lanka.

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