Art of Taste


We supply the highest quality flavors and taste solutions that meet and surpass consumer expectations in the ever-evolving market for a broad range of food and beverage applications; Confectionery, Bakery, Beverage, Dairy, and Savory.
Great tastes nourish the soul, amuse our senses, and captivate moments as pleasurable experiences. An enjoyable food or beverage is specified in our minds by our perception of flavors. Hence, flavors are indispensable to the sensorial experience, and designing them requires abundant knowledge coupled with artistic vision to innovate taste artifacts.

Expertise in Taste

Through our vast technical knowledge in the food and beverage industry, application expertise, as well as an excellent understanding of our suppliers’ products and their application opportunities, our food technologists and sales experts are best equipped to connect the right ingredients into your products. At our quality control department, each product is rigorously analyzed to ensure safety, and the outstanding quality resulting in market-winning flavors that meet and satisfy local market preferences.

Our global access to latest trends and innovations, garners valuable insight that can be placed at the service of our clients, in order to provide personalized guidance in the development of consumer-winning products.

While we take pride in the customization capabilities and agile structure to provide tailor-made taste solutions for the market, our vast experience in the industry yielded in one of the most extensive libraries to offer an excellent service.

Increasingly seeking natural options to optimize health and eat clean, consumers have become more aware of the meal choices they make. They are demanding recognizable ingredients and increased transparency in their food chain. Thus, a shift towards “Natural”, “Clean label”, “Free from” options, “Dairy Alternatives” and in general “Better for you” options are expected to soar significantly for new product developments. These trends lead to innovative, new formulations, each with its own set of challenges in terms of taste.

We balance the taste of reduced fat, sugar, and salt recipes to create healthy food as we provide delicious taste experiences. Fat modulators minimizing astringency or increasing fat perception, without providing any additional fat, and Sugar modulators which can help to reduce sugar content by increasing sugar perception are instances from an immense portfolio of taste modulators. These technologies deliver authentic and healthier food without compromising on taste.

At Danoub, our knowledge, and expertise in naturals aid us to develop an extensive palette of natural flavors ranging from cost-effective to premium, and high-performing options.. This comprehensive portfolio allows our customer to keep up with the pace of changing consumer demands. We are ready to create natural food and drinks that delight consumers’ senses.


It is a work of art, formulating flavors to capture tastes at its peak, protect it during processing, storage, and application, and optimize its release to impact as intended and drive consumer preference. To satisfy consumers, we must ensure the entire experience is crafted to exceed their sensorial expectations. To achieve this goal, we have created and honed our sensory panels over the years.

This is why Danoub partners with leading global producers capable of such measures. The union of our platforms delivers exceptional quality and performance benefits, combined creative resources, enhanced purchasing power, and best-in-class analytical resources and R&D to continue exploring new technologies and extraction techniques.



Argeville is an artisan flavor house located in Mougins, France, with over 100 years of experience in the F&F industry. The company formulates, develops, manufactures, and markets a wide variety of high-quality flavors for customers in the food, beverage, functional food, and pharmaceutical industries. Argeville offers a complete range of flavors in liquid, powder, granulated, and encapsulated form. They are dedicated to designing taste and prioritize research and technology to maintain their competitive edge.
Argeville’s flavorists have extensive knowledge of the markets and work closely with clients to tailor extraordinary solutions that best meet their needs and exceed their expectations. They implement the strictest controls, ensuring that incoming and outgoing materials are managed in accordance with the latest global food safety scheme. All produced flavorings are safe and supported by robust certifications for non-GMO, Organic, and Halal through traceability, monitoring, and testing. For more information about Argeville and its extensive range of high-quality flavors please visit their website.



Matrix is an independent and professional flavor manufacturer with over 45 years of expertise. They specialize in creating heat-resistant flavors and have a philosophy of balance and progress. Matrix achieves a perfect mix of intellect, innovation, and creativity while keeping an eye on market trends and customer needs. They offer a wide variety of flavors for different food applications such as sweet and savory flavors for baking, ice cream, beverages, confectionery, oils and fats, dairy products, seasonings, and dustings. In addition, their flavors are used in non-food segments such as pharmaceuticals, shisha/vape, latex, and animal feed.

With their technical expertise and cost-saving solutions, Matrix is a reliable and valuable flavor partner that helps products stand out in a competitive business environment.

To learn more, please visit the Matrix Website