What we do


Danoub is a leading company in sales, marketing, and distribution of chemical and life science ingredients for food & beverage, perfume & cosmetics, home care, body care, and other industrial and manufacturing applications throughout Iran.


Danoub is the blossom of decades of expertise and innovative solutions of its highly experienced executive committee in aforementioned industries. The reputation we gained by our principled attitude on the path we brought to Danoub.

As a result, our company has an extensive network of clients ranging from major multinational organizations to smaller local producers, all seeking specialty products that bring added value to their brand, and a reliable partner to achieve success in an increasingly challenging and competitive marketplace.

Through years we gained thorough understanding of global market. The strength and breadth of experience means that Danoub is in close partnership with chemical manufacturers worldwide, known for their quality and exceptional service, and distributes these products to customers for use in a wide range of life science, and multiple market segments.

Building positive, everlasting relationships with our suppliers is essential to us and supports our long-term, strategic objectives. Our approach is hinged on a strong sense of partnership and open communication to foster mutual growth.

Moreover, our global market knowledge enabled us to readily find the best sources of many new products and incorporate them into our portfolio in conjunction with our client base. This is how, with our partners, we serve over five hundred active customers in the region and beyond.

Our success is based upon a deep passion rooted in Danoub culture: be the best in what we do. To achieve this, all our activities and principles are pointed toward creating unchallenged value for our clients.
At Danoub the concept of Value Creation is much more than just a philosophy, it is our way of approaching and facing business and everyday challenges. Our code of conduct is not to merely move goods and provide trading services but to create added value through providing Certainty, Continues improvement, and Building winning teams.

Certainty; Customers seek and prioritize certainty; that the product they purchase is the best solution to surpass their challenges, at a fair and lowest price in comparison with alternatives; through a reliable and authentic partner; with well-experienced specialists at service to provide technical support in case of need; with constant procurement to guarantee availability at any time required, all to ensure their product would be popular with consumers.

We recognize this crucial need and prioritize it above all other objectives to build long time partnership with clients.

Continues improvement; Embracing growth and continuous improvement through process optimization, we strive for excellence in everything we do to make our work extraordinary. Our high attention to detail and root cause analysis empowers Danoub to incrementally reduce wastes, defects, and variations and remove errors. We are constantly improving all aspects of our operations and methods to become faster, more agile, with higher quality and lower costs, offering the best solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Building a winning team; Our people are the heart of our company and our most precious resource. We believe great teams are driving forces behind all human eminent achievements. At Danoub, we strive to connect creative minds to find the best solutions for market needs and on the basis of respect and trust, we can cater to optimal conditions for evolving, developing and advancing our skills. As a result, Danoub has become a vibrant, and hardworking environment, nurturing a growth mindset. This outstanding working environment motivates us to exceptional results.

With one goal, offering best of the best, Danoub is active into two business divisions: Food & Beverage Solutions and Fine & Functional Fragrances markets. Each business segment is led by a senior manager having a particular expertise and intensive experience in the applications and the processes employed by our customers and offered by our suppliers. Furthermore, activities of each business segment are supported by our functional divisions: finance, legal affairs, strategy, and risk assessment, human resources and corporate communication.

Our highly qualified technical sales force are market-focused specialists whom with a longstanding relationship with clients have a thorough understanding of their culture, products, and target consumers thus adding value by offering tailored solutions to them, paving the way to grow together.

We partner with superb suppliers of high-quality ingredients bringing leading technologies and the highest quality products to our region. Our extensive portfolio of high value-added ingredients ensures that customers benefit from dealing with us early in their product developments, or reformulations.

Danoub name pays homage to the Great Danube River, free-flowing, that brings prosperity to whatever it touches, A symbol of hard work, perseverance, and prosperity.
Moving water finds its way through nearly any kind of physical impediment until it merges with the ocean. Similarly, Danoub will rise to the challenges and with hard work and dedication overcome any obstacles facing its way.

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Our Vision

We aim to strengthen our portfolio and further develop our organization to better meet customer needs, our 10 years’ vision is to develop Danoub to become a “go to hub” for specialty chemicals and solutions requirement in food & beverage, home care, cosmetics, body care, fabric care, and perfume market.
This vision requires gradually honing our portfolio and focus our capital allocation more towards growing business areas to offer a complete product portfolio of complementary ingredients and materials for the industry, all driven by our passion to help our partners to create products that people love and elevate their senses.